Princess played their last show October 3, 2015 as part of the Macefield Music Festival.




October 3, 2015:

Macefield Festival, Seattle, WA

with other bands during the festival such as: Kinski, The Dee Dees, Coffin Break, Mark Lanegan


August 29, 2015:

Substation, Seattle, WA

with Skies Below and SwampheavY


July 19, 2015:

White Center Jubilee Days Festival, Seattle, WA

with Twisting Fate, Pigsnout and Hell's Belles


June 6, 2015: The Highline, Seattle, WA

with Bell Witch and Wrekmeister Harmonies (featuring members of Swans, Codeine, Come and Neubauten)


March 26, 2015: The Sunset, Seattle, WA

with The Chasers and Fountains


February 6, 2015: The Victory, Seattle, WA

with Witch Ripper and Greenriver Thrillers


September 8, 2014: Blue Moon, Seattle, WA

with Warning Danger!, Sex with Strangers, Levels


September 27, 2014: Southgate Skating Rink Metal Skate Night!

with Perfect Bombs and Curse of the North


August 2, 2014: KEXP live in studio performance on Seek and Destroy with Hannah Levin, kexp.org 90.3


Listen Here


Watch Here


July 31, 2014: Columbia City Theater

with Erase Horse and Sailor Mouth


July 23, 2014: Barboza, Seattle, WA

with Serial Hawk, X Suns and Smooth Sailing


June 28th, 2014: Club 21, Portland, OR

with Mother's Whiskey and the People Electric


June 13th, 2014: The Highline, Seattle

with Space Waster and Metameric


March 22nd, 2014: The Josephine, Seattle

with Into the Storm, Dogs of War and Argonaut


February 28th, 2014: The Track House, Olympia

with Into the Storm and Serial Hawk


February 8th, 2014: Club 21, Portland

with Ancient Warlocks and Blood Witch Pudding


January 25th, 2014: the Company Bar, Seattle

with Blood Drugs and Tacos!


January 11th, 2014: Blue Moon, Seattle

with Grenades and Smooth Sailing


November 16th, 2013: Studio Seven, Seattle

Blood Sweat and Rhythm 2013: Featuring Vinnie Appice (Dio/Black Sabbath drummer) and Carmine Appice (Ozzy drummer)


November 2nd, 2013: the Sunset, Seattle

with Deadkill, Ubik and Yassou Benedict


October 10th, 2013: the Narwhal, Seattle

Seattle Passive Aggressive Presents

with Tacos!, Curse of the North, Sioux, Witch Ripper


October 5th, 2013: the Tractor, Seattle

Macefield Music Festival

with Young, Fresh, Fellows and Constant Lovers


September 6th, 2013: the Gorge, George, WA

KISW 99.9 Pain in the Grass Festival

headliners Coheed and Cambria, Janes Addiction, Alice in Chains


July 26th, 2013: Seattle

Capitol Hill Block Party


June 22nd, 2013: the Sunset, Seattle

Part of Noise for the Needy

with Skies Below, Tacos! and Gladiators Eat Fire


April 19th, 2013: the Black Lodge, Seattle

Part of Choice Fest

with Skies Below, Fist Fite and Pipsqueak


March 15th, 2013: the Rendezvous, Seattle

with Argonaut and Skies Below


March 2nd, 2013: the Company Bar, Seattle

with Constant Lovers and Kled


February 15th, 2013: the Sunset, Seattle

Hothouse Presents

with Christdriver, Bali Girls and Survival Knife



January 30th, 2013: Barboza, Seattle

with Giza and Old Iron



January 19th, 2012: The Comet, Seattle

Seattle Rock Guy presents

with Arganaut, Gaythiest, Transient



December 15th, 2012: Black Lodge, Seattle

with Bitches Crystal, Serial Hawk, He Whose Ox is Gored



November 10th, 2012: The Josephine, Seattle

with Dead River, Android Hero, Dogs of War

Release of our new "Welcome Winter" EP



June 23rd, 2012: The Sunset, Seattle

with Midnight Idols, Zero Down and the Insurgence

KISW Loud and Local Show



June 17th, 2012: Samantha and Jason guests on KISW Loud and Local Show

with Midnight Idols, Zero Down and the Insurgence

Listen Here



June 2nd, 2012: The Comet, Seattle

with Grenades, Mico de Noche, Smooth Sailing

Seattle Rock Guy 3rd birthday show



May 5th, 2012: The Comet, Seattle

with Wah Wah Exit Wound and White Orange

CD Release Show for "Grim Energy"



April 28th, 2012: KEXP "Seek and Destroy" In Studio Appearance

Listen Here



April 12th, 2012: The Comet, Seattle

with Kinski, Ubik and Elkrider



February 10th, 2012: The Crocodile, Seattle

Dancing on the Valentine Benefit Show



January 21st, 2012: The Funhouse Seattle

with Nether Regions, Helm's Alee, Black Elk



September 16th, 2011: The Funhouse Seattle

with Ancient Warlocks, White Orange (Album Release) and Serial Hawk



September 4th, 2011: The Sunset Seattle- Sold out

with Annunaki and Red Fang



July 23rd, 2011: The Black Lodge, Seattle

with Grenades, Bitches Crystal and Monogamy Party



June 25th, 2011: The Comet, Seattle

with Bitches Crystal, Elephant Rider and Diesto



June 11th, 2011: Underground Events Center in Belltown, Seattle

Noise for the Needy Benefit for Real Change

with Whisky Tango, Smooth Sailing, Vultures 2012, Black Queen, Wildildlife, Akimbo



May 21st, 2011: Cafe Venus and Mars Bar, Seattle

with Argonaut, the Consulate



April 29th, 2011: Columbia City Theater, Seattle

with Argonaut, the Loathsome Couple and Vultures 2012



April 16th, 2011: Record Store Day Show, Rocket Records, Tacoma

with Kozo and Electric Falcons



April 9th, 2011: The Comet, Seattle

with High Class Wreckage, Virgin Islands and Whisky Tango



March 26th, 2011: The Highline, Seattle

with Grenades, Vaz and Rabbits



February 18th, 2011: The Rendezvous, Seattle

with Diesto, Curse of the North and Vultures 2012



January 29th, 2011: The Josephine, Seattle

with Grenades and Curse of the North



December 11th, 2010: Plan B, Portland, OR

with Sex with Strangers



December 10th, 2010: Rendezvous, Seattle

with Nazca Lines and Sex with Strangers